High School Students Should Participate

Sign up for the Mars Society’s Mars Colony Prize The Mars Society is holding a special contest called The Mars Colony Prize for designing the best plan for a Mars colony of 1000 people. There will be a prize of $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second and $2500 for third. In addition, the best […]

Students we need your help creating Mars Clocks

What is a Mars Clock?  It is a hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) project to get kids excited about space mathematics.  Bob Barboza is the founder/director of the Barboza Space Center in Long Beach, California.  He trains Jr. astronauts, engineers and scientists for the “Occupy Mars Learning Adventures  International Fellowship Programs.”  His passion […]

Student Contest: Design A Mars Lander

Join the Mars Society Red Eagle Student Engineering Contest January 30th Letter of Intent Deadline The Barboza Space has a fellowship program for students that might want to participate in this Mars Engineering lander design contest.   Contact: Bob Barboza at. Suprschool@aol.com The Mars Society announced last September the Red Eagle Student Engineering Contest to […]

The ESL Breakfast Club Choir Sings The “Lights on Puerto Rico” Theme Song.

“We needed help to test out our new theme song and the ESL Breakfast Club was the first to step up.”,  Bob Barboza The ESL Breakfast Club: Brings together English-speaking volunteers and parents learning English.  Many immigrants, particularly women, have little or no access to ESL classes as traditionally structured.  Their responsibility in caring doe […]