The ESL Breakfast Club Choir Sings The “Lights on Puerto Rico” Theme Song.

“We needed help to test out our new theme song and the ESL Breakfast Club was the first to step up.”,  Bob Barboza


The ESL Breakfast Club: Brings together English-speaking volunteers and parents learning English.  Many immigrants, particularly women, have little or no access to ESL classes as traditionally structured.  Their responsibility in caring doe pre-school children, lack transportation, meager funds for tuition, and family schedules prevent them from attending classes regularly.   At the same time , numbers of fluent English

speakers in Long Beach wish to stand with immigrants in our community.  In this project, both groups are joined in a common effort with a two-fold goal: teaching English to people who would otherwise miss the opportunity, and learning about the many contributions of English Learners in our City.

Why the ESL Breakfast Club?    Improved English allows parents to support their school-age children in learning and opens doors to jobs, higher education, and citizenship.

I called on the ESL Breakfast Club to sing on the “Lights on Puerto Rico” theme song.  Everyone agreed to sing and we started on our journey to help the people in Puerto Rico.

How can you help?   We need you to sing in your churches, clubs, groups, and even in your showers.  You can play your piano or guitar and even sing the song as a solo.   We did this to help people to think about how they can help our fellow Americans.   Today we are helping Puerto Rico.  Tomorrow, it may be someone else from around the world that are in need.

We want to demonstrate what it is like to show an act of kindness during these very tough times around the world.

Don’t wait for our leaders, you do the leading.

We welcome your comments and support.

Bob Barboza



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